Mental Health Services at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center

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An accomplished pharmacy executive based in New York City, Oleg Aronov serves as a managing partner with the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC. In this capacity, Oleg Aronov oversees the business growth and development of the company and helps it deliver quality clinical services to patients in New York and beyond.

In terms of mental health, Medex offers a wide range of psychiatry, psychology, and medical social work services. To help patients work through difficult thoughts and feelings that may give rise to psychiatric disorders, Medex providers draw upon a number of different techniques from the field of psychotherapy. If patients require pharmacological treatment for their conditions, psychiatrists start by gaining an in-depth look at the patient’s symptom profile and use their findings to prescribe the appropriate medication. Medical social work also plays an important role in mental health. Medex frequently connects patients with resources in their communities and helps them acquire special services such as home health care, financial aid, and housing.


Health Benefits of Cycling

The managing partner at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC, Oleg Aronov also leads StatRx Pharmacy, Inc., as CEO and president. Away from work, Oleg Aronov enjoys long-distance cycling.

Depending on intensity, an hour of biking can burn in excess of 500 calories. Additional health benefits of cycling include:

More Energy

A person can reduce fatigue by participating in low- and moderate-intensity biking, according to a 2008 study. Over the course of six weeks, researchers analyzed 36 participants and found that those engaging in consistent exercise had more energy than their sedentary counterparts.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Cycling stimulates blood flow by increasing heart rate. In addition, cycling strengthens the heart, making a person less susceptible to coronary heart disease.

Stronger Muscles

A perfect activity for those suffering from joint conditions, biking develops the core while building muscles, particularly in the lower half of the body. Hamstring, calf, and quadricep muscles gain strength from consistent training. Likewise, gluteal muscles become more defined.

Aikido – A Powerful Martial Art

An entrepreneur, Oleg Aronov founded MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center and Stat Rx Pharmacy to provide quality care to patients afflicted with a variety of physical and mental illnesses or health conditions. Mr. Aronov is a seasoned healthcare executive with a passion for providing this patients with the best pharmacy and medical care available.

In addition to his passion for providing his patients with the best care possible, Oleg Aronov pursues many interests, such as the martial art of Aikido.

One of the most complex of styles of martial arts, Aikido is built on two precepts. First, it emphasizes non-violent resolutions of differences, when possible. Second, it involves a commitment to self-control.

Similar to judo, Aikido works by adjusting one’s motions to the attack of an opponent. This enables the practitioner to change the direction of the attack, instead of directly confronting it. He or she can then throw the opponent or an assailant by use of a joint lock. These moves require little energy and can seem gentle, but when properly applied they have great strength and power.

The spiritual side to Aikido builds mental concentration, cultivates a calm inner self, and inculcates respect for others. The founder of Aikido intended the art to demonstrate harmony with nature. He believed that with dedicated application of Aikido, one could not be defeated by an opponent out of touch with nature.