FACHE Credentialing Requirements

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American College of Healthcare Executives
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A successful healthcare executive who operates several healthcare businesses, Oleg Aronov is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). ACHE gives members like Oleg Aronov the chance to expand their professional and personal networks, develop as healthcare professionals, and attend events that further their career goals.

Those who are interested in advancing from membership to fellowship with ACHE and earning its FACHE credential must meet several requirements, though they have three years from the time of submission  to make up any deficits. ACHE Fellows must not only already hold membership in ACHE, but must have an advanced degree in a field related to their careers, such as a healthcare, business, or public health. They must also hold a management position in the field, and receive three references from current Fellows. One of these must come from a structured interview.

Once they have five years of healthcare management experience, have been part of ACHE for three years, and complete continuing education requirements, candidates can sit for the Board of Governors Exam. After passing the exam, a member can use the FACHE designation.