An Introduction to the Judo Ranking System

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Judo Ranking System

Oleg Aronov serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of StatRx Pharmacy in Bronx, New York, since 2007. Away from his work at the retail and specialty pharmacy, Oleg Aronov practices martial arts. He holds black belts in both judo and aikido.

The modern judo ranking system has been in place since 1883. However, the system has changed in a number of ways over the last 130 years. For example, judo founder Kano Jigoro originally made no distinction among students who had achieved the black belt ranking, while current judo practices separate black belt students into 10 distinct categories. Furthermore, Jigoro initially used only white belts and black belts to distinguish beginners from advanced students, respectively. Today, students of judo can earn seven different belts, such as yellow belts and green belts, in addition to the 10 black belt degrees and a number of additional transitional rankings.

Promotions from one belt to the next are determined by several points of emphasis, including the maturity and moral fiber of the student and the student’s mastery of judo techniques and abilities. Students can also earn promotion points during officially sanctioned United States Judo Federation competitions. Additional factors include the length of time the student has held his or her current position, the student’s contributions to his or her dojo, the student’s age, and, most importantly, the instructor’s judgment.


Home Infusion Therapy Service Offered at Stat Rx Specialty Pharmacy

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Stat Rx Specialty Pharmacy

Oleg Aronov is an entrepreneur in New York who currently owns two businesses in the healthcare sector. As CEO and president of Stat Rx Specialty Pharmacy, Oleg Aronov oversees the operations and staff of all departments while striving for continuous improvement. Stat Rx Specialty Pharmacy offers multiple clinical and disease management programs, and includes home infusion therapy among its services.

Home infusion therapy services are often offered by hospitals, pharmacies, and home health agencies, and refers to the administration of medicine via catheter or needle in the home setting. It is often used when oral medication proves ineffective for a patient. Infusions are typically administered intravenously, but can also include subcutaneous or epidural methods.

Home infusion therapy service offers clients who need regular medication an opportunity to maintain their normal lifestyle as much as possible. Prior to receiving home infusion therapy, the client and the home are evaluated to ensure that the patient is an eligible candidate for this type of service.

Behavioral Health Services at MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center

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MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC

With an MBA from Moscow International University, Oleg Aronov put his degree to work in the healthcare profession. He currently owns multiple healthcare-related businesses in New York. Oleg Aronov is a managing partner at one of these, MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC, which offers a variety of medical and behavioral health services.

Behavioral health refers to the full range of mental and emotional well-being experienced by an individual. Typical issues include, but are not limited to, one’s ability to cope with day-to-day situations, trauma, addictive behavior and substance abuse, depression and personality disorder. Behavioral health services are available from a network of specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, health coaches, and social workers.

Inpatient and outpatient therapies, online therapies, and educational opportunities, as well as prescription medications, are some of the treatment methods used. Frequently, behavioral health service providers offer care for the family supporting the patient as well as the patient him- or herself.