Mental Health Services at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Medex pix

An accomplished pharmacy executive based in New York City, Oleg Aronov serves as a managing partner with the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, LLC. In this capacity, Oleg Aronov oversees the business growth and development of the company and helps it deliver quality clinical services to patients in New York and beyond.

In terms of mental health, Medex offers a wide range of psychiatry, psychology, and medical social work services. To help patients work through difficult thoughts and feelings that may give rise to psychiatric disorders, Medex providers draw upon a number of different techniques from the field of psychotherapy. If patients require pharmacological treatment for their conditions, psychiatrists start by gaining an in-depth look at the patient’s symptom profile and use their findings to prescribe the appropriate medication. Medical social work also plays an important role in mental health. Medex frequently connects patients with resources in their communities and helps them acquire special services such as home health care, financial aid, and housing.


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