Aikido – A Powerful Martial Art

An entrepreneur, Oleg Aronov founded MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center and Stat Rx Pharmacy to provide quality care to patients afflicted with a variety of physical and mental illnesses or health conditions. Mr. Aronov is a seasoned healthcare executive with a passion for providing this patients with the best pharmacy and medical care available.

In addition to his passion for providing his patients with the best care possible, Oleg Aronov pursues many interests, such as the martial art of Aikido.

One of the most complex of styles of martial arts, Aikido is built on two precepts. First, it emphasizes non-violent resolutions of differences, when possible. Second, it involves a commitment to self-control.

Similar to judo, Aikido works by adjusting one’s motions to the attack of an opponent. This enables the practitioner to change the direction of the attack, instead of directly confronting it. He or she can then throw the opponent or an assailant by use of a joint lock. These moves require little energy and can seem gentle, but when properly applied they have great strength and power.

The spiritual side to Aikido builds mental concentration, cultivates a calm inner self, and inculcates respect for others. The founder of Aikido intended the art to demonstrate harmony with nature. He believed that with dedicated application of Aikido, one could not be defeated by an opponent out of touch with nature.